👋 Hi I'm Jay, a designer, illustrator & developer

Currently seeking collaborators passionate about creating meaningful change in a post-truth landscape.


UI/UX design and custom Shopify theme build for the aromatic future apothecary Of Body, based in Aotearoa.

It was a unique challenge designing a visual identity system for a project working with scent.

After some early exploration we discovered solutions by collaborating with 3D Artists Illojgali and Esoterror with hyper-descriptive copy writing from Kiwise.

Built with Liquid, JS and SASS.

Of Body Site Home Of Body Site Product: Body X Of Body Site Product: Handsani

I'm currently the Senior Digital Designer at Mobi2Go a Wellington based SaaS company developing digital ordering systems for the global hospitality industry.

I work closely with our clients to combine their brand ID with our white label system and customise the UI/UX so their customers receive a seamless digital ordering experience across multiple platforms.

I also work closely with our agile dev team to research, design, develop and test new features suggested by our clients. We recently rolled out a table ordering system that is being widely adopted.

Try out the desktop verison HERE or scan the QR code to check out table ordering.

mobi2go.com ⇨
Mobi Platform Demo

Opening exhibition brochure collating submissions from 17 artists across Aotearoa.

two/fiftyseven is a new creative co-working space with the mantra: "a supportive place to ____________ together"

Where the local community fills in the blank.

Contributing artist Xoë Hall summed it up best: "The better future we dream of is already real life at 2/57; the beating heart of a future Wellington world."

Showing works from contributing artists Victor Tepaa and Kell Sunshine.

257 Poster Victor 257 Poster Kelly
257 Flyer

Two illustration comissions, one for the community bike workshop Whare Bike in Whangārei and another for a ranger working for the NZ Department of Conservation.

Whare Bike Gang Patch Whare Bike Gang Patch

Art direction, design, typesetting and pre-press preparation for this pop-culture Magazine.

Each issue was developed around a research topic:

Issue 7 wondered if print media was dying out with the migration to a digital future?

Issue 8 stemmed from this quote from Economist and Political Scientist Joseph Schumpeter: "Economic development requires waves of creative destruction."

Issue 9 examined the end of the suburban dream and what exactly we are striving for with our lives.

Printed in duotone pantone inks.

Fluro 7 Cover 1 Fluro 7 Cover 2
Fluro 7 Shoot 1 Fluro 7 Shoot 2 Fluro 7 Shoot 3
Fluro 8 Cover Fluro 9 Cover
Fluro 8 Spread 1 Fluro 8 Spread 2 Fluro 8 Spread 3 Fluro 9 Spread 1 Fluro 9 Spread 2

Two designs for PALS a streetwear label in Japan. Tee prints designed for workers of the 2018-19 ski season in Niseko.

Tote bag design made as a gift for volunteers who signed up to a community clean up event. It reads "THANK YOU For not using a plastic bag."

PALS Tee Niseko PALS Tee Niseko
PALS Totes Bagz

Art direction and digital design for Alien Mood, a Hong Kong based fashion store.

Developed editorial campaigns for use on site and for social media promotions.

Also ran their email marketing and did photo re-touching and editing video content.

This is a campaign made in collaboration with the photographer Amiee Oh.

Alien Mood Splash PLanet Campaign 01
Alien Mood Splash PLanet Campaign 04
Alien Mood Splash PLanet Campaign 05

Graphic design for ATMS, NZ's largest online adult toy store.

Developed a range of promotional campaigns for the webstore, social promotions and email marketing campaigns.

atms condoms banner
atms lube banner
atms vibes banner
atms womans day social banner atms mystery gift social banner

Menu design and illustration for Wellington restaurant Viva! Mexico.

A playful typographic exploration using traditional Lucha Libre wrestling posters as the starting point.

Viva Menu Front Viva Menu Back

Hand drawn typography, printed at the Riso Print Club in Leipzig Germany.

"The loss of magic has a lot to do with the loss of imaging. When those billboards are all we see, of course they become our fairy tales. We stop noticing anything else and believe them. If we want a different story, we have to show ourselves pictures of new things to belive in."

~Off The Map by Hib and Kika, CRIMETHINC: OLYMPIA—2003

Viva Menu Front